Textures of Being

“Textures of Being” @ Kaan Zamaan

Work by Claire Deighton & Raewyn Smith

The boards for these paintings came from a man in Kohukohu who had rescued them from a demolished house then stored them in his shed for 20 years intending to use them in the house he has just finished building.

In preparing these beautiful boards for their current life, I first treated them for borer (again), and then I simply looked at them for a few days…

I wanted these works to be a dialogue between my mark making – which is an ongoing response to the physical sensations in the body as effected by environment and mind – and the board’s own raw markings. In this way, the history of the boards and the history of the artist intermingle to create the present which you see before you.

Working in my studio beside the stream and the sheep shelter, I am also influenced by weather, insects and sheep.